Not many in the industry can compete with The Amazon Kindle Fire amazing price even if they tried.

The Amazon Kindle Fire is priced at very low price. Perhaps it is the best feature of the tablet. The Kindle Fire is available for just $199 without any contract plans. Users will be getting 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, which is $79-a-year membership service that includes streaming video and free two-day shipping.

Alongside the Kindle Fire, Amazon also announced two more low priced Kindle e-readers:

The entry level Kindle – priced at just $79 – is the cheapest version of the e-reader. It comes with a standard 6 inch e-ink display and 2 GB internal storage. It will support Wi-Fi and a 5-way controller for navigation.

The other version is priced at $99 with a limited touch screen capability, known as the Kindle Touch. It will come with a 6 inch e-ink display and 4 GB internal storage. The same version is available in 3G – Kindle Touch 3G – for $149

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